Cultural and communication services: the concrete activities of “La Collina”

Duration: 2 hours

Since 1988 “La Collina Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS” is providing job opportunities to people with a background of vulnerability. Their fragility can be linked to mental health sufferance, physical fragility, drug addiction or legal problems. La Collina offers services both for public and private entities. La Collina vision embraces providing high quality and flexible services, while supporting “disadvantaged” people in their working life. Collina offers cultural services for museums and libraries, front and back office services, receptive tourist services, creative communication and educational services.

La Collina experiments with educational and learning formats for young adults, teenagers, and children, inside and outside of schools. La Collina’s educational programmes aim to support students communication skills and expression, within a wider process of community development. The project promotes a community of practices, moving the focus away from the exclusive relationship between teacher and student.