A walk in the park – How the psychiatric hospital has changed after the Basaglian revolution.

Duration: 2 hours

The workshop will take place in the park where the revolution of Franco Basaglia started.
Once a closed and fenced place, the asylum had two huge gates, one at the bottom and the other at the top of the park. A written authorization was requested to access it. The hospital was opened in 1908 and hosted more than a thousand people, who lost their identity once interned. After the revolution of the 1970s, the Park of San Giovanni became a different place. Today, social enterprises have their premises here, as it is the case for a theatre, bars, and a restaurant, radios, cultural associations, as well as several facilities of the regional healthcare system, some academic departments, municipal services, and more public services. One of the most beautiful rose gardens of Europe was created here in 2009, along with botanical gardens. During the summer, kindergartens and an important cultural festival (Lunatico Festival), as well as other international events, take place here.

The tour walks through the Park and leads us to the archive “Oltre Il Giardino”. Oltre il Giardino is a multimedia exhibition, composed by a server with three touchscreen panels, that allow the visitor to pinch, touch and swipe more than 5000 photos, videos, documents about Basaglia Revolution.

It is also possible to visit the Social Taylor Shop “Lister“ (http://www.listersartoriasociale.it/)