Mental Health and Communication: the experience of “Radio Fragola”

Duration: 1 hour

“Radio Fragola” was born in Trieste in the early 1980s after the closure of the Psychiatric Asylum, ruled by the national Law 180/1978. After 1984, Radio Fragola started its boradcast from Padiglione M, in the “Parco di San Giovanni”. Nowadays the network, born in the years of the free radio movement, includes music and news programmes. Furthermore, it gives voice to citizens, associations, movements, no profit, workers union and institutions, fostering a specific focus on mental health. Radio Fragola works as a space of social inclusion and social cooperation, against stigmatisation, through its radio waves.

Radio Fragola is a project supported by “La Collina Social Cooperative ONLUS”. It is part of Radio Popolare Network, an important national broadcasting network that allows the radio to cover national news and to access other cultural programmes. In 2015 Radio Fragola promoted “Larghe Vedute”, the first network of mental health radios in Italy. FM broadcasting covers Trieste, while the radio is available worldwide via streaming.