Stage 10 – 1972-1978. The end of the story.

Thermal Power Plant

The murder of the wife by a patient discharged for an experiment, in 1968, was the excuse the provincial Administration needed to remove a director who had never been truly accepted.

Basaglia’s “entourage” tried to resist until 1972, when, in complete disagreement with the provincial Administration, they resigned en masse.

The new doctors, chosen by the Province, made a precise choice: the psychiatric hospital became a nice place to stay… but always inside. A golden cage. Basaglia’s revolution couldn’t leave, or couldn’t enter, the gates of the psychiatric hospital.

in 1978, when with Basaglia’s Law the asylums ceased to exist, in Gorizia that reactionary atmosphere of refusal, created in 1972, was still the same. Only the nurses trained in the Sixties tried to keep Basaglia’s dream alive but, as Alessandra tells us, perhaps there were too many obstacles.