Basaglia Itineraries

Why Basaglia? Some ideas/concepts/guidelines and good practices.

Basaglia itineraries is a dive into the past, to better understand the present. We would like to show what happened in Trieste and in Gorizia when Basaglia became the director of the psychiatric hospital of Gorizia first (1962) and Triest then (1971).

Beautiful psychiatric hospitals, exquisite places of safety with a wonderful view, are not enough to take care of the people who face mental diseases.

An enlighted director cannot give them back their rights, their dignity, or imagine a recovery for alienated and excluded people.

A law that rules mental health practices, alone, is not enough to improve them.

Closing the asylum it’s not enough. Transforming a closed and segregating space in an open space, protagonist of an urban renewal process, is still not enough.

With our training and work exchanges we want to reflect about the thoughts and the work of Franco Basaglia, about the process of the dismanteling and closure of the asylum, about the invention of a network of services of mental health at a community level, focused on the person, fighting against exclusion and emargination with innovative job placement strategies. 

We want to explain what a social firm can do, designing recovery paths day by day, fighting against stigma, thinking about the new fragilities, the new asylums, the new dependencies (digital or not), and how to improve social communication.